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Doja Exclusive | RS11


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The RS11 strain originally selected by Doja Exclusive is like straight fruity candy on your tongue and has crazy bag appeal. By combining Pink Guava with OZK, which are time-tested genetics known for their incredible strength and diverse terpene profiles, a truly unique hybrid strain was born. Our RS11 smokes smooth as silk and might cause an immediate head change that brings mental alertness along with waves of calmness and sedation.

To the eye, the RS11 strain immediately draws your attention. You’ll see vibrant hues of lavender and magenta along with rich lime green foliage and electric orange pistils that offer a striking contrast. The nugs are short and dense, yet appear wet from the thick coating of trichome heads that cover every nook and cranny of its surface and interior. Cracking open a nug reveals a fruity blast on the nose with a lingering sour spice.

RS11’s dominant terpenes offer a deeper understanding of why this strain is pure unadulterated heat and its potential medicinal effects. Its most prominent terpenes are caryophyllene, myrcene, and limonene. This combination of terpenes amounts to a flavor profile that has floral, fruity, and sweet berry notes with undertones of spice, pepper, and sour earth.

Caryophyllene may lend to the potential pain and stress-relieving qualities of RS11. While myrcene might give the strain more of its classic euphoric stoner daze and provide floral, fruity, and hoppy flavors. Lastly, limonene is a classic stress reliever and might enhance that effect within RS11, while also adding a lemony, citrusy sweetness to the terpene profile.

Smoking RS11 might have you immediately toasted and posted in the best way imaginable. Roll this up in a joint and enjoy nothing but white ash with a light resin ring. You might find yourself melting straight into the couch with a dumb smile spread across your face after a few rips.

Medical users will rejoice in RS11’s potential to soothe body pain and provide a high that seriously takes the edge off. An essential for any daily smoker with a taste for the finer things, the RS11 strain born and bred by Doja Exclusive is the kind of mood-lifting hybrid that makes your day a little brighter.




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