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Jack Herer

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Genetics: Named in honor of the iconic cannabis activist, Jack Herer.

Type: Sativa-Dominant Hybrid

Flavor Profile: Earthy, Pine, Citrus

Appearance: Jack Herer’s buds showcase a vibrant display of green hues and a generous dusting of trichomes, embodying the essence of a legendary strain.

Aroma: Immerse yourself in an earthy and piney fragrance, with citrus undertones that create a delightful olfactory experience, reminiscent of a walk through a coniferous forest.


  • Energetic Upliftment: Jack Herer is celebrated for its energizing high, providing a boost of motivation and creativity.
  • Cerebral Clarity: Experience mental clarity and focus, making Jack Herer an ideal companion for daytime productivity.
  • Balanced Euphoria: Enjoy a balanced euphoria that uplifts the spirits without inducing overwhelming intensity.

Recommended Use:

  • Daytime Inspiration: Perfect for daytime consumption, offering a burst of energy and inspiration.
  • Cannabis Pioneer’s Pick: An homage to the cannabis advocacy legacy, Jack Herer is the connoisseur’s choice for a legendary and uplifting experience.

14g, 1g, 28g, 3,5g, 7g


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